About Us


Reveal eleven is a brand made by a woman for a woman.

Reveal is for freedom,for uniqueness,for the real you.For the moments you want to feel relaxed,free,sexy,unique. 

It's not just a brand,it's a brand made for angels.

Be True

Be revealed


You are an amazing human being.

you can do anything you want,

you are strong and abeautiful in your way,

you are true to yourself and your beliefs.

Stay true and release yourself!


Reveal Eleven is a brand that is feminist,it loves woman and dress them with style and elegance.Is not just another brand,is the way to communicate the real you,don't hesitate it,reveal it!

Our Story

How would you define luxury ?


For Reveal11 it is embodied by our bespoke crochet apparel, our attempt to reconcile tradition and fashion. While this proved to be a match made in heaven, it was a radically new idea back in 2016, when our journey first started in Mykonos. Since then, we have strived to empower women locally and globally, through apparel that allows them to Reveal their most elegant, beautiful, confident, and bold side. Our mission is to design, produce and distribute high-end clothing, and to promote the timeless art of crochet in the context of avant-garde fashion design. Reveal11’s values are inspired by the change we want to see in the world.


Harmony in Contrast:


Reveal11 was inspired by contrast, a value infused into our very DNA. Tradition and fashion. Elegance and boldness. Femininity and confidence. Reveal11 thoughtfully brings together pairs that have been considered antithetic for so long, but whose union ultimately engenders Harmony.




Reveal11 is not content with following fashion trends and designing apparel that you, our Angels, already know you want. On the contrary, the essence of art and fashion design lies in the creation of something new, something different to what you can already find in spades out there. We produce apparel as unique as you, by creatively combining textures, fabrics and techniques. We create clothing that we know you’ll just love at first sight, garments that once you try on, you’ll not be able to live without.




Reveal11 believes that the only sustainable world is one founded on respect. As such, we strive to act in accordance with this principle towards all our internal and external stakeholders: our employees, our co-workers, our customers, and finally, our planet.




Reveal11 maintains that you truly need to love what you do if you want to do it well. We always strive to go the extra mile for you. From carefully selecting our fabrics, to meticulously creating each piece, and from instilling each design with a character of its own, to the final touch of infusing each order with our signature scent, which turns unboxing into a multi-sensory experience, we put a lot of thought and care behind everything we do to provide remarkable clothing, with service to match.


Eleven’s Angels


Each one of you, our angels, are steeped in the very same qualities that define our clothes and attitude. You are unapologetically authentic, beautiful in your own unique and natural way. You are inherently optimistic; you choose to see the best in yourself, in others, and the world at large. You are confident in your own skin; you don’t want to blend in, you need to stand out, and you are prepared to take risks towards that end. You don’t follow trends, you’re a trendsetter. For you, fashion is as much an art, as well as a means to express and celebrate diversity and what is uniquely yours. You don’t dress beautifully to impress others, but rather because you appreciate beauty in itself. You don’t need to pretend or force anything; you are effortlessly elegant, charming and confident. Reveal11 was made for you and you were made for us. You are our Angel and there’s no-one else we would rather embark on this journey with.


The Reveal11 Difference


Crochet is the quintessence of fashion, as by its very nature it’s simultaneously both an art form and a method of textile production. For us at Reveal11, this timeless art is a manifestation of our worldview; just as we relish that no two women are exactly the same, each bringing a different kind of beauty into the world, so too we delight in the fact that no two handmade pieces can be identical, each being as unique as you. Our garments can only be made lovingly, or not at all; there’s no way to go through the painstaking process of producing handmade clothing without loving all the artistry involved. Creating each piece requires multiple hours of meticulous work, which result in unparalleled quality, true luxury that justifies the admission price down to the very last cent. The same love and care that goes into our tailor-made line extends to our ready-to-wear apparel, which retain the Reveal11 quality, while being more widely accessible.